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Health and Wellness

Every day, literally millions of folks, just like you and me search online for information to improve or general well being or to address problematic issues such as:

  • being overweight
  • Personal Development
  • Skin  and beauty products
  • Asthma Relief
  • Bladder Control
  • Nail Fungus Relief
  • Liver Cleanse
  • Insomnia
  • Stress Relief
  • How to stop Smoking

Review sites such as our sites is the ideal platform to search for and find the targeted information you require.

However due diligence and care should always be taken when considering products or information pertaining to our health.

When on any type of medication or using prescription drugs, always consult with your Doctor first.

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Here are a few general health tips:

  • Cut fat. Start by buying lower fat milk or trimmer meats.
  • Quit smoking. Smoking has proven to take 10 years off of your life span
  • Avoid excessive drinking. A wine a day can keep the doctor away, but a keg will move you next door to the undertaker.
  • Stay positive. A positive outlook on life is one of the major characteristics of healthy people. Focus on the good in life, that is going right, and let the negative thoughts pass you by
  • Don’t fly to fads. Fads work, but only for so long. What you need is a lifestyle change, fads are expensive and change very season.
  • Stay with fruits and veggies. You can never (or rarely) go wrong with a good mixed green salad or fruit bowl
  • Take care of stress. Know your limits and listen to your mind and body. It will tell you when you’ve had enough. Rest, relax and take care of yourself
  • Get a check up. See your doctor at least once a year.  Especially as you age this becoming increasingly important
  • Green tea is good. Green tea is the wonder drink. As little as four servings a day can increase your metabolism and lower your stress
  • Even Green Coffee Bean Extract can help double the weight loss.

Wealth Creation

Be under no illusion, the Internet is the ideal place to search for opportunities to supplement your income or persue a different career path working from home.

The Internet has created more millionaires than any other off line business or opportunity. With the explosion of mobile devices and the fact that online shopping is phenomenally, creates huge opportunities.

  • Just about every house hold in America and even South Africa, has an Internet enabled mobile device. In fact recent research finding indicate that by 2014, online activity will be dominated by mobile connectivity and not via a traditional PC.
  • There are a zillion ways to make money on the Internet. However it’s “horses for courses”

Find what best suits your preference, passion or circumstances.

Wealth Creation Tips

  1. Be patient. Building wealth takes time. It may be slow going at first, but once building wealth becomes a snowball, you will really start seeing some differences. But be patient in the beginning.
  2. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. From your co-workers money making scheme to the Hybrid car for less the $5,000, if it doesn’t make sense, then don’t buy it. Trust your instincts.
  3. Do your own research. Do not merely accept so-called facts. If in doubt “Google-it”
  4. Find some way to make money doing what you love. Everyone has to work and make money, sometimes it is doing what we love, but most often we just tolerate it. Find ways to turn your passions into money.
  5. Keep visual reminders of your goals and dreams. Create a vision board to keep you motivated for you goals. Images are powerful reminders of what you are working so hard to achieve
  6. Stay educated. Spend time online reading reviews of products and services. Ask around at work for advice before a purchase. Knowledge is power.
  7. Stay true to yourself. Do not get caught up in other peoples dreams and schemes.
  8. Do not look the part, be the part. Act the part, save, be thrifty, be educated and the rest will come.
  9. Get excited and build momentum. The more headway you make, the more momentum builds behind you.

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